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Wider Powers to Bolster Parliamentary Performance

Oman' development process continues to proceed on course to meet the needs of the nation and its citizens. Since improving the lives of all Oman's citizens is the ultimate the goal of the country economic ,cultural and social development, His Majesty strongly believes they should work alongside government in a genuine partnership. Institutions have been set up to enable the citizen to play his part in serving his nation and society. The establishment of the Council of Oman (Majlis Oman) – which comprises the State Council (Majlis al Dawla) and the Consultation Council (Majlis al Shura) – was a major historic landmark demonstrating the determination of Sultan Qaboos to fulfil his promise to expand the Omani Shura (consultation) system.


Speaking at the opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term on 31st October 2011, His Majesty described the step-by-step development of the consultative process as follows: “Our aim is to establish the consultative process on firm principles and stable foundations, which will enable it to develop naturally to meet the requirements of each phase of national action, while also responding to the community’s needs and at the same time – by applying wisdom to its vision of the future and the steps it takes – keeping space with its aspirations to contribute more effectively to the decision-making process in the higher interests of the country and its citizens.”

  • H.H. Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud al-Said
    Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers
  • H.H. Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al-Said
    Minister of Heritage & Culture
  • H.E.Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal al-Busaidi
    Minister of Diwan of Royal Court
  • H.E. Gen Sultan bin Mohammed al-Nu'amani
    Minister of Royal Office
  • H.E. Sayyid Badr bin Saud al-Busaidi
    Minister Responsible For Defence Affairs
  • H.E.Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al-Busaidi
    Minister of Interior
  • H.E. Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah
    Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah bin Ali al-Khalili
    Minister of Justice
  • H.E. Darwish bin Isma'eel bin Ali al-Balushi
    Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Salmi
    Minister of Awqaf & Religious Affairs
  • H.E.Dr.Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumhi
    Minister of Oil and Gas
  • H.E.Dr Rawiyah bint Saud al-Busaidiyah
    Minister of Higher Education
  • H.E.Dr.Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al-Sunaidy
    Minister of Commerce and Industry
  • H.E.Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed al-Shabibi
    Minister of Housing
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al-Bakri
    Minister of Manpower
  • H.E.Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al-Sa'eedi
    Minister of Health
  • H.E.Dr. Madeeha bint Ahmed bin Nassir al-Shaibaniyah
    Minister of Education
  • Shiekh Al Fadhl bin Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Harthy
    Secretary General of the Council of Ministers
  • H.E.Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Shihi
    Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources
  • H.E.Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salim al-Futaisi
    Minister of Transport and Communications
  • H.E. Sheikh Khalid bin Omar bin Said al-Marhoon
    Minister of Civil Service
  • H.E.Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed bin Said al-Mardhouf al-Saadi
    Minister of Sports Affairs
  • H.E.Sayyid Saud bin Hilal bin Hamad al-Busaidi
    Minister of State and Governor of Muscat
  • H.E.Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Said al-Sa'eedi
    Minister of Legal Affairs
  • H.E.Dr. Hamad bin Said bin Sulaiman al-Oufi
    Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • H.E.Mohammed Bin Salem bin said Al Tobi
    Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs
  • H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Saaed Al Kalbani
    Minister of Social Development
  • H.E.Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan Al Busaidi
    Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar
  • H.E. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi
    Minister of Tourism
  • H.E.Dr. Abdulmunim bin Mansour bin Said al-Hasani
    Minister of Information
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