Oman News Agency

Why advertise on Oman News Agency (ONA) website?

  • ONA has a website for news in Arabic which his regularly updated from 07:30 am to 01:00 am of the next day. It also has a second website for the news in English which is regularly updated from 01:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
  • ONA is the official source for public and private news which means that accuracy is maintained all the times and that the website is browsed by responsible categories of society.
  • Through ONA, you can follow the news published on the Gulf, regional, Arab and world news agencies, thus enriching the experience of browsers.
  • Many of our website browsers benefited from the forums and social networks available on the internet.
  • You will have the access to pictures on the ongoing events.
  • Correspondents and journalists of the different press organizations inside and outside the Sultanate browse this site which is the main source for their news and coverage.
  • The website is browsed by the university students inside and outside the Sultanate.
  • School student also have interaction with the website.
  • Many organizations inside and outside the Sultanate are very keen to browse the site every now and to remain updated with the latest developments.
  • ONA website begged the structural creativity award 2011 from the Arab Organization for administrative Development on the level of Arab countries.
  • The rate depends on the number of Mega pixel.
  • The first rate: RO.8/pixel/month.
  • The second site : RO. 10/pixel/month
  • The third and fourth sites: RO. 6/pixel/month
  • Similar internal pages in the website: RO.6/pixel/month
  • Special rates available for long term contracts.