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National Flag

National Flag
The National Flag of Oman was adopted by a Royal Decree on 17th December 1970. The flag is rectangular in shape and is white, red and green in colour. It carries the Sultanate’s emblem of two crossed swords with a dagger (Omani Khanjar) and belt superimposed. The colour of the emblem is white being placed on the upper angle which is near to the pole from both sides. The Flag is divided into three units in the fly by two units in the hoist. One third of the fly (that is immediately to the hoist) is red. The remainder of the flag is divided horizontally: white – top, red – middle, and green – bottom.
Explanation of the colours
The white colour depicts the conviction of the Omani people in peace and prosperity. The red colour has been adopted from the old Omani flag (which was all red) and this symbolises the battles fought by Omanis for the eviction of foreign invaders from the country. The green colour represents the fertility and greenery of the land.
The Emblem
The emblem was adopted during the middle of the eighteenth century. The swords and dagger forming the emblem represent the old traditional weapons of the Omani people.
Since His Majesty's accession to the throne in 1970, one of the most striking features of His Majesty’s leadership has been the strong relationship that has developed between the leader and his people. In all stages of the country’s long-term development strategy, top priority has been accorded to the Omani citizen, regarded as the nation’s most precious resource in the drive towards achieving sustainable development.