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Oman Science Festival to Kick off Next Week



      Muscat, Oct 28 (ONA) --- The Ministry of Education held a press conference at the Ministry of Education today under the patronage of Saud bin Salim al-Balushi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Planning and Human Resources Development. The press conference unveiled details of Oman Science Festival, which will kick off on 4 November 2019.


          The press conference included a presentation of the festival's promotional film. After that, al-Balushi said: “The first edition of the festival came as a national umbrella for all works related to technology. In its second edition, Oman Science Festival seeks to include the use of technology in various fields of life. It comes also in a wider area in terms of space, and more participation of military institutions and international institutions to include students, innovators, scientists and intellectuals from within and outside the Sultanate". At the end of his speech, al-Balushi thanked the attendees representing media institutions and the supporting institutions for their partnership and support for education and science.


         Dr. Maia al-Azri, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee of Oman Science Festival, gave a detailed video presentation on the various activities and events of the Oman Science Festival this year. It is to take place at the International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the participation of 60 government, military and private sector institutions.  The festival holds 300 events and more than 1,200 participants, in addition to leading programming and robot competitions, hackathons, drone competitions, scientific presentations at the festival stage, as well as scientific cinema. There is also extensive participation from international organizations, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Rolls Royce Foundation.


         Oman Science Festival 2019 will host international speakers to talk about science in various areas: STEM, support and promotion of science and innovation, the outlook of energy sector, robot, and artificial intelligence and future functions. There will be discussion sessions accompanying the festival on 5 and 6 November, distributed at a rate of two sessions per day.


           The festival will include 20 interactive pillars: Programming and Design, Ideation, Programming, Military Technology, Transport and Communications, Peaceful Nuclear Technology, SETM OMAN, Industrial Innovation Center, Energy, Education Technology, Economics, Future Jobs, Scientific Innovations, Health, Environment, Aerospace, Aeronautics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and Theater.


          Badr al-Shukaili, Head of the Festival's Technical Team, gave a video presentation on the festival's website and registration links. Following the presentation was a discussion session, during which attendees addressed several questions to Saud bin Salim al-Balushi, Dr. Maia al-Azri, and Azza al-Harthi, Assistant Director-General for Educational Evaluation at the Ministry.


        The festival aims at introducing knowledge development program in science, mathematics and environmental geography concepts. It is a national program to contribute in raising students' academic achievement, framing teachers' efforts in developing students' awareness and encouraging them to researching, investigating and organized scientific thinking. It also develops their innovation faculties, and helps them to apply the knowledge they learn in their daily lives, through tests, quizzes and projects in science, mathematics and environmental geography concepts.


         The festival also aims to deliver science to students in particular and society in general through easy means and stimulating ways of creative thinking and create a positive trend towards science, innovation and scientific research. It also seeks to help students to recognize the importance of science in life and to encourage them to innovate, and keep pace with global trends based on the dissemination of science and technology, and changes and expected future developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, the festival pursues to enhance students' skills to integrate into the knowledge-based society, and encourage them to continue their learning in all scientific disciplines.


         Oman Science Festival 2019 targets school students, college and university students, educators and parents, ministries and government institutions, civil society institutions, the private sector involved in the science sectors, researchers and academics.

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