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The Sultanate Marks Omani Artisans Day Tomorrow




Muscat, 2 Mar (ONA) – The Sultanate will tomorrow celebrate Omani Artisans Day, which falls on 3 March every year.


The Sultanate’s governorates boast a wide range of crafts industries, 14 of which vocations are common to all.


Cotton weaving is one of the most practiced Omani crafts industries, with more than 7,674 crafts men and women actively engaged in the industry. The least practiced is ‘crafting musical instruments’, with only 20 taking it as a profession.


 Eng. Ibrahim Said al-Kharousi, Heritage Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, said that the celebration of the event this year reaffirms the significance of initiatives made to support contributions to the national crafts industries sector. Such contributions target enhancing artisans’ sources of income, due to the fact that crafts industries serve as focal components that countries seek to conserve, said al-Kharousi, who underscored crafts’ importance in developing social and economic projects. “This is in addition to their effective role in providing society with highly prized and artistic products carrying symbolic values that enhance the national identity,” al-Kharousi explained.


He pointed out that crafts industries contribute human communication among nations sharing cultural diversity.


Al-Kharousi added that the Sultanate’s celebration of the event furnishes a context for protecting typical crafts industries, developing them, promoting and marketing their products within the Sultanate and abroad—a mission entrusted to the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism under Royal Decree No. 91/2020.


On her turn, Haleema Rashid al-Zar'ei, Chairperson of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority said that the number of artisans in the Sultanate till the end of 2020 stood at 24,000, 88% of them are female. At the governorates level, the number of male and female artisan in the Governorate of Dhofar stood at 7247, followed by the Governorate of North A'Sharqiya with 5454, the Governorate of North Al Batina with 3534, the Governorate of A'Dhakiliya with 2148, the Governorate of Al Wusta with 1534, the Governorate of South Al Batina with 1357 and the Governorate of South A'Sharqiya with 1186.


"Meanwhile, the number of artisans in the Governorate of Muscat stood at 608, followed by the Governorate of A'Dhahira with 482, the Governorate of Musandam with 405 and the Governorate of Al Buraimi with 236," She added.

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