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“Oman’s Message of Islam” Exhibition in Indonesia Opens



Jakarta, Nov 14 (ONA) —- Activities of “Oman’s Message of Islam” Exhibition today began at the National Library in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.


The 4-day exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in cooperation with the Sultanate’s Embassy in Jakarta.


    The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of Dr. Alawi Abdulrahman Shihab, Special Envoy of the Indonesian President to the Middle East and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, who praised in a press statement the efforts exerted by the Sultanate in promoting values of understanding, harmony and dialogue among the various nations of the world through this exhibition in an effort to present a picture of the tolerance of Islam and its values and principles.


He affirmed that the Sultanate is the forerunner to establish such noble initiatives.


   On his turn, Sayyid Nizar bin Al Julanda al-Said, Sultanate’s accredited Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia said that this archipelago has witnessed the tolerance of the Omani people since ancient times, as the Omani ships led by Omani sailors arrived to these islands for trade and knowledge exchange.


     He affirmed that choosing the National Library in Jakarta to host this event is a successful step as the library attracts a large number of Indonesian intellectuals, writers and those interested in knowledge, in a county that is characterized by religious and ethnic diversity.


     Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammed bin Said al-Ma’amari, Scientific Advisor at the Office of Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (General Supervisor on the Exhibition) delivered a speech at the beginning of the ceremony in which he extended his thanks to the Sultanate’s Embassy in Jakarta and the National Library of Indonesia for the fruitful cooperation to organize this important event.


     He said: “The great turmoil in the world today begins with the problems of poverty, human rights and victims of conflicts, wars, economic collapse, disruption of value and ethical concepts. This makes us think and reconsider the reality of the human relations and their future prospects.


   This turmoil in relations puts us in responsibility to contribute in developing an approach that rebalances interests, calls for proposing a course of action for the troubled world to help it rise again, and foresees a balanced life, where people live on a foundation of dignity and fundamental rights.”


   He explained that the exhibition presents a vision of human morality and shared values, based on the Sultanate’s long experience throughout history till the prosperous reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.


  During the ceremony, the Omani artist Shaima bint Ahmed Al-Mughiri presented a live art show in the sand, which embodied human meanings and ethical values.


  At the end of the ceremony, the chief guest and the attendees toured the exhibition.


   The opening ceremony was attended by a number of Indonesian officials, a gathering of diplomatic and consular corps in Jakarta, heads of universities and religious centers and interested people, representatives of various international institutions working in spreading values of coexistence and human harmony, as well as various segments of the Indonesian society.


  The exhibition includes some paintings that introduce the Sultanate's efforts in spreading the values of coexistence and harmony.


   The exhibition also includes a corner titled “Global Messages”. This corner is considered as a global media campaign aims at spreading the culture of coexistence, peace, and harmony through the publication of cards reflecting these values in social media and websites in various languages.


  The events accompanying the exhibition also include a number of various corners as there is a corner that displays paintings of the message of Islam exhibition expressing public life in the Sultanate and other paintings of Omani fine arts and Arabic calligraphy, in addition to showcasing some Omani antiques and features of public life in the Sultanate during the past and present. There is also a corner for a program of distance memorization of the Holy Qur’an.


The 130th version of the exhibition comes within the framework of the Sultanate’s keenness and commitment on disseminating and enhancing the culture of religious tolerance, understanding and coexistence among countries, cultures and nations. This version of the exhibition comes in coincidence with the World Tolerance Day, which falls on November 16th every year. 


  The exhibition aims at highlighting the Sultanate's efforts in spreading and promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence, understanding and harmony among nations and cultures, calling for respecting the sanctities and emphasizing common human values, as well as rejecting extremism, violence and hatred.


    It is noteworthy that “Oman’s Message of Islam” Exhibition was launched by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in 2010 and toured more than 37 countries and more over 130 cities around the world so far.


—- Ends/AH