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NRAA Releases Omani-British Relations Book Part 3



   Muscat, 9 Jun (ONA)--- The National Records and Archives Authority
(NRAA) has released the 3rd part of the book "Omani- British Relations
during the 17th to 19th century", within the 23rd volume of the
“Studies Series on National and International Documents".

The book consists of 523 pages, including 17 research papers

in Arabic and English for researchers and scholars with different views.

The book offers a balanced presentation for researchers and those
interested in Omani history and Omani-Britain relations from the
political, economic and military aspects of the 17th to the end of

19th century.

   Dr. Hamad Mohammed al- Dhawiani, NRAA Chairman explained that the
23rd part of the book discusses aspects of the Omani-British relations
from several sides, in addition to the visits and tours made by

travelers to Oman and their descriptions of the geographic, political,
economic and social life in Oman.

He further added, "the relations in this part from the perspective of
historians and travelers will enable the researchers to investigate
the events that the region witnessed in the context of these relations
during successive periods".