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World’s Largest Astronomy Museum to Open in Shanghai





Shanghai, 12 Jul (ONA) --- The world’s largest astronomy museum is set to open on Friday in Shanghai. Its complex curvilinear shape has been designed to reflect the geometry of the cosmos. It has no straight lines or right angles used throughout, the structure is instead formed from three overlapping arcs that allude to the orbits of celestial bodies.


The museum will house exhibitions, a planetarium, an observatory and a more than 23-meters tall solar telescope.


Thomas J. Wong, the lead designer said that they laid a lot of emphasis on the architecture to leave an incredible impact on the whole experience. The building embodies an “astronomically inspired architecture,” Wong said.


The design which favours arcing lines over straight walls was chosen to show that everything in the universe is in constant motion.


Upon entering the museum, visitors first encounter the oculus, which opens up above the museum's main entrance. It acts as a timepiece, producing a circle of sunlight that travels across the floor throughout the day, indicating the time and season.


Next comes the planetarium theatre, which is enclosed in a sphere and emerges from the building's roof like a moonrise.


Lastly, a vast inverted glass dome on the roof's apex gives visitors the chance to view the open night sky as if they are in a real encounter with the universe, the CNN Style reported. 

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