The Council of Ministers


Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers assists His Majesty the Sultan in drawing out and implementing the general policy of the State. The Cabinet is the authority tasked with executing the general policy of the State. In this context, the Council of Ministers undertakes, in particular, the responsibility of submitting to His Majesty the Sultan recommendations pertaining to economic, political, social, executive, administrative and developmental issues of concern to the Government. These include proposing drafts of laws and Royal decrees, representing citizens’ interests and ensuring rendering necessary services to them, besides promoting their standards of living in terms of economic enterprise, health and culture. 

The Council of Ministers demarks general goals and policies of economic, social and administrative development. It also proposes means and procedures to carry out these goals and policies in a manner that guarantees optimal use of financial, economic and human resources. The Cabinet discusses development plans prepared by the departments concerned and submits them to His Majesty the Sultan for approval and follow-up. It also discusses ministries’ proposals on ways to practise their respective specializations, and then undertakes appropriate recommendations and decisions with regard to these propositions. The Cabinet also supervises the performance of the State’s Administrative Apparatus. It follows up the execution of duties, as well as coordination among the Apparatus’s units. The Council of Ministers shoulders the responsibility of general supervision of implementation of laws, Royal decrees, bylaws, regulations, decisions, treaties, agreements, conventions and verdicts issued by courts to ensure commitment to all these. It also performs any other specializations delegated by His Majesty the Sultan or specializations authorized to it by virtue of provisions of the law. The Council of Ministers has a Secretariat General that helps it perform its tasks and duties.

  • H.H. Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud al-Said Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers
  • H.H. Sayyid Asa'ad bin Tarik bin Taimur Al Said Deputy Prime Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Affairs, Personal Representative of His Majesty the Sultan
  • H.H. Sayyid Shihab bin Tarik bin Taimur Al Said Deputy Prime Minister for Defence
  • H.E.Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal al-Busaidi Minister of Diwan of Royal Court
  • H.E. Gen Sultan bin Mohammed al-Nu'amani Minister of Royal Office
  • H.E.Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al-Busaidi Minister of Interior
  • H.E. Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah bin Ali al-Khalili Minister of Justice
  • H.E. Darwish bin Isma'eel bin Ali al-Balushi Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Salmi Minister of Awqaf & Religious Affairs
  • H.E.Dr.Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumhi Minister of Oil and Gas
  • H.E.Dr Rawiyah bint Saud al-Busaidiyah Minister of Higher Education
  • H.E.Dr.Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al-Sunaidy Minister of Commerce and Industry
  • H.E.Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed al-Shabibi Minister of Housing
  • H.E.Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al-Bakri Minister of Manpower
  • H.E.Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al-Sa'eedi Minister of Health
  • H.E.Dr. Madeeha bint Ahmed bin Nassir al-Shaibaniyah Minister of Education
  • Shiekh Al Fadhl bin Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Harthy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers
  • H.E.Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Shihi Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources
  • H.E.Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salim al-Futaisi Minister of Transport
  • H.E. Sheikh Khalid bin Omar bin Said al-Marhoon Minister of Civil Service
  • H.E.Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed bin Said al-Mardhouf al-Saadi Minister of Sports Affairs
  • H.E.Sayyid Saud bin Hilal bin Hamad al-Busaidi Minister of State and Governor of Muscat
  • H.E.Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Said al-Sa'eedi Minister of Legal Affairs
  • H.E.Dr. Hamad bin Said bin Sulaiman al-Oufi Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • H.E.Mohammed Bin Salem bin said Al Tobi Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs
  • H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Saaed Al Kalbani Minister of Social Development
  • H.E.Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan Al Busaidi Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar
  • H.E. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi Minister of Tourism
  • H.E.Dr. Abdulmunim bin Mansour bin Said al-Hasani Minister of Information
  • H.E.Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman bin Said Al-Ismailiya Minister of Technology and Communications
  • H.E. Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman bin Saeed Al Ismaili Minister of Technology & Communications
  • H.E.Dr. Suad bint Mohammed bin Ali Al-Lawatia Minister of Arts Affairs
  • H.E.Sayyid Ibrahim bin Said bin Ibrahim al-Busaidi Minister of State and Governor of Musandam
  • H.E. Salim bin Mohammed bin Said al Mahrouqi Minister of Heritage and Culture