At Least 14 Police Officers Injured During German Covid-19 Protests
At Least 14 Police Officers Injured During German Covid-19 Protests

Berlin, 12 Dec (ONA)--- Protesters in Germany have clashed with police in several towns and cities at demonstrations against Covid-19 restrictions over the weekend that left multiple police officers injured, according to police.

At one protest in the town of Greiz in central Germany, 14 police officers were injured after an estimated 1,000 people gathered in the town today, police announced. Protesters tried to break through a police cordon, after which the police used pepper spray.

In video posted on Twitter, protesters could be seen wrestling with the police in an attempt to break through the cordon.

Two of the injured police officers were deemed unfit for duty, the police said, while one injured officer was briefly hospitalized.

The police said they had identified 207 of the protesters, issued 108 orders to leave the area and initiated 44 criminal proceedings. A further 47 proceedings for civil offences were under way.

Police also broke up an unregistered protest organized by the "Querdenken" (Lateral Thinking) movement in the western German city of Hamm on Saturday, which at its peak attracted 550 participants.

According to the police, the march broke numerous rules and a criminal case has been opened against the protest's alleged leader for violating rules on public assembly and for insulting police officers.


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