Swedish Investigators Question Crew Members on Ship Involved in Crash
Swedish Investigators Question Crew Members on Ship Involved in Crash

Stockholm, 14 Dec (ONA)--- Swedish investigators continued questioning two crew members from one of two cargo ships that collided off the Swedish coast.

At least one person died when the vessels crashed between Ystad in southern Sweden and the Danish island of Bornholm in the early hours of Monday morning. Another person is still missing.

The Karin Hoj, about 55 meters long, collided with the British freighter Scot Carrier, more than 90 meters long, as the two were headed west in foggy conditions.

A British citizen born in 1991 is suspected of serious drunkenness at sea, gross negligence in shipping and serious culpability for the death of another, the Swedish public prosecutor's office said.

A Croatian citizen born in 1965 is also suspected of serious drunkenness at sea.

The prosecution must decide by Thursday whether to file a motion for arrest.

Scotline Marine Holdings Limited, the owner of Scot Carrier, said that all crew members were tested for drugs and alcohol following the collision, "with two crew members exceeding the legal limit."

It has not yet been officially confirmed whether the two arrested are those two.

The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation quoted the responsible public prosecutor, Tomas Olvmyr, as saying that one of the two arrested persons was in charge of the watch at the time of the accident, while the other was performing work tasks.


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