Several US States Hit by Record Freeze, Heavy Snow
Several US States Hit by Record Freeze, Heavy Snow

Seattle, 28 Dec (ONA) --- Severe weather sweeping western parts of the US continues to bring record-breaking cold temperatures to the Pacific north-west and heavy snow to mountains in northern California and Nevada.

Throughout Oregon and western Washington emergency warning shelters were opened as temperatures plunged below zero Celsius. Forecasters said an Arctic blast would last for several days.

Snow showers blew into the Pacific north-west from the Gulf of Alaska, going up to 15 cm across the Seattle area.

The National Weather Service said Seattle broke the mark set in 1948 as temperatures went down to -6.7 Celsius; the same was recorded in Bellingham as it broke the record set in 1971 by recording a temperature of -12.8 Celsius.

This winter weather led to canceled flights in Seattle, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and elsewhere, the British Guardian newspaper reported.

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