Two Missing in Huge Colorado Fire Amid Investigations
Two Missing in Huge Colorado Fire Amid Investigations

Colorado, 3 Jan (ONA) --- In Colorado, people who escaped the flames went through the charred remnants of their homes to see what was left, while search teams looked for two missing people in the debris.

Investigators were still trying to figure out the cause of the flames which tore through an area of at least 24 square kilometers. The fires left nearly 1,000 houses and other buildings destroyed in suburbs between Denver and Boulder.

The wildfire broke out last Thursday at an unusually late time of the year following a dry fall and amid a winter nearly devoid of snow. Experts believe that the aforementioned conditions, combined with high winds, helped the fire spread.

While homes that burned to the foundations were still smoldering in some places, the blaze is no longer considered an immediate threat as the area witnessed a downfall of snow.

Of at least 991 buildings which were destroyed by the fire, most were homes, but the blaze also burned down commercial buildings, the Associated Press (AP) news reported.

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