Over 8 Million Trees Lost This Winter in UK
Over 8 Million Trees Lost This Winter in UK

London, 16 Feb (ONA) --- More than eight million trees have been brought down due to winter storms and many are now threatened by another two named storms expected on Britain.

The two storms, named Dudley and Eunice, are expected to worsen the already catastrophic damage caused on trees.

The climate’s soaring heat is worsening weather and making it even more unpredictable. Management and planting strategies must adapt more quickly.

Richard Tanner, a forest ranger said that the west shore of Windermere has been tremendously affected. All over the place giant root plates of fallen trees can be seen, some the size of caravans, studded with rocks torn from the earth. On this one place, thousands upon thousands of tress have been lost.

"We did have this nice, dappled light and shade, but now all the spring plants that are trying to come up, they're stuck under this wet, dark blanket of fallen trees.", he added.

It is said that many of damaged trees have been around for generations, but now cannot handle the new storm issues.

Damage is estimated to be 7,000 hectares, the equivalent of around 10,000 football pitches.

Despite those grave damages, many of the earth-clogged roots of the fallen trees are suitable for wrens to nest, meaning that there is hope for the woods because there is natural regeneration.

A lot of the felled trees can be sold for timber, while some deadfall will be allowed to rot, creating new habitat. Different species can be planted in the gaps of the fallen trees to create more diversity, the BBC news reported.

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