As Planet Warms, Less Ice Covering North American Lakes
As Planet Warms, Less Ice Covering North American Lakes

Colorado, US, 6 Mar (ONA) --- With a backdrop of mountain vistas and a rink of natural ice, the annual ice hockey tournament at Grand Lake offers a picturesque snapshot of Colorado’s beauty. What’s not apparent is the problem brewing under players’ skates.

This year’s tournament was held a month later than normal, with thin ice forcing organizers to postpone the event originally scheduled for the third weekend of January.

“We had slushy conditions and less than six inches of ice. There just was no way it could safely be held,” said Steve Kudron, mayor of Grand Lake.

That is a reality that many communities that live near lakes, which freeze and provide myriad activities during winter months, are increasingly confronting.

According to a major UN report on climate released recently, as the planet warms, the amount of ice, and amount of time it keeps a body of water solid, are diminishing. Those changes are forcing communities to adapt and curtail some winter activities while also raising the spectre of long-term environmental and health issues.

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