Dust from Sahara Gives Gritty Tinge to Spain’s Skies
Dust from Sahara Gives Gritty Tinge to Spain’s Skies

Madrid, 15 Mar (ONA) --- Spain today issued extremely poor air quality ratings for Madrid and a large swath of the country after a mass of hot air from the Sahara dumped dust after crossing the Mediterranean.

The national air quality index qualified as “extremely unfavorable” — its worst rating — the capital and large parts of the southeast coast.

Spain’s weather service described the dust storm from the Sahara as “extraordinary and very intense,” while adding that it was unclear if it was the worst episode of its kind on record. The service forecast that the dust will continue to accumulate through tomorrow (Wednesday) and could reach northwards as far as the Netherlands and northwestern Germany.

Many Spaniards awoke to find a layer of red dust covering terraces, streets and cars. Visibility in Madrid and cities like Granada and Leon was reduced to 2.5 miles (four kilometers), the local weather service said.

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