Covid-19 Pandemic Impacted Kids’ Writing, Social Skills: Study Finds
Covid-19 Pandemic Impacted Kids’ Writing, Social Skills: Study Finds

London, 5 Apr (ONA) --- A study published by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) of the United Kingdom (UK) has found that children continue to struggle with basic skills such as writing and speech in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These were among the findings of a series of reports published by Ofsted, which were based on evidence from around 280 inspections of educational institutions across different age groups, as well as focus groups.

In the “early years” group, Ofsted found that education providers had noted delays in young children’s development of speech and language. Some providers also found that babies had struggled to respond to basic facial expressions, which they said could be due to reduced social interaction amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Further, some education providers highlighted the fact that kids lacked confidence in group activities, while toddlers and preschoolers needed help in learning to share and take turns.

Providers also noticed how the pandemic had affected young children’s physical development, such as a delay in babies learning to crawl and walk. Some reported that children had regressed in their independence and self-care skills, prompting providers to spend longer times with kids on physical activities, in order to help develop gross motor skills.

Meanwhile, school-aged children were found to have gaps in math, phonics and writing abilities.

School children’s mental health also remained a concern, with educators noticing lower levels of resilience and confidence, as well as increased anxiety, among students, the CNBC news reported.