HM The Sultan Offers Eid Al Fitr Prayers
HM The Sultan Offers Eid Al Fitr Prayers

HM The Sultan Offers Eid Al Fitr Prayers

Muscat, 10 Apr (ONA) --- His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik today offered Eid Al Fitr prayers at Sayyedah Fatima bint Ali Mosque in the Wilayat of A’Seeb, Governorate of Muscat.

The prayers were led by Dr. Mohammed Said Al Maamari, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

Dr. Mohammed began the Eid sermon by glorifying the Almighty Allah and expressing gratitude to Him for the blessings and bounties that He bestowed on His creations. He also prayed that peace be upon His Messenger, Prophet Mohammed.

In particular, the Eid sermon underscored a trilogy of bounties with which Oman was endowed: Good Leadership, Loyal People and a Resourceful Land. These, Dr. Mohammed said, were enahnced by a unified will, shared responsibility and collective determination to live in harmony.

Dr. Mohammed observed that a direct outcome of this has been a well-established stability and continuous growth on a land that formed a strong basis for identity and citizenship, with the leader seeking and sharing the common good. In turn, the people join hands with the leader through constructive action that marked the Renaissance, with splendid manifestations of good morals, compassion and peace further consolidating the bonds of fraternity, he added.

After the prayers, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik received the well-wishers. He accepted greetings and wishes on the happy Eid from Royal Family members, ministers, advisers, military commanders and other officials.

As His Majesty the Sultan exited the Sayyedah Fatima bint Ali Mosque, the artillery fired a 21-gun salute.

After that, the Royal motorcade of His Majesty the Sultan left the compound amid emotional farewell calls by his loyal people, who prayed to Allah the Almighty to protect His Majest the Sultan, bless him and make him witness such happy occasions for many years to come.

The prayers were performed alongside His Majesty the Sultan by Royal Family members, ministers, senior military commanders, members of the Council of Oman, CEOs of Oman Investment Authority, sheikhs and notables of the Wilayat of A’Seeb, among other citizens.

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