Wheat Harvest Season Begins in Adam
Wheat Harvest Season Begins in Adam

Adam, 17 Apr (ONA) --- The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Wilayat of Adam in the Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah has started harvesting wheat crop in various villages.

The cultivation of wheat crop begins in Adam in November until March each year. Wheat is harvested in a number of villages using modern machines instead of the traditional method. Farmers provides care to the crop from the beginning of the season until harvest time to ensure a good product.

Wheat cultivation thrives in the Wilayat of Adam, thanks to the abundance of water and suitable fertile soil, as well as the keenness of famers to growing this type of crop. The cultivated land area and production of wheat may vary due to the climatic conditions in each region in terms of rains.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Adam distributed this year 525 kg of wheat types. The cultivated area reached 40 feddans (each feddan equals 4200 square meters).

Al Bashayer farm cultivates the largest area, amounting to 29 feddans, and the amount of the farm's production hit 33 tons of wheat.

The Ministry urges farmers to make use of the support provided to them in terms of good, high-yield varieties recommended by agricultural research stations, as well as harvesting equipment and other services offered to farmers to achieve an economic return for them, increase the local product of wheat and reduce dependence on the imported wheat. Production of wheat in each feddan ranges between 800-1000/kg, according to the quality of each variety.

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