Oman News Agency Launches Brand New Website
Oman News Agency Launches Brand New Website

Muscat, 6 Mar (ONA) --- Oman News Agency (ONA) today launched its brand new website to enhance the quality of media form and content.

The new website can easily be browsed in Arabic and English. It uses a smart archive system which organizes electronic content.

The website is also secured through a smart system compatible with privacy policy and the protection of personal data. It applies the necessary browsing standards for the use of people with disability.

The website is accessible for users of different phones (with different screen sizes), as well as PC devices. Sharing news stories on social media is made easy on the website. Browsing the site is also data-efficient.

The website utilizes the latest methods of communication with the audience. It introduces important local, Arab and international news in a fast manner enhanced by pictures.

The website includes categories for the 11 governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, highlighting the development taking place across Oman, as well as the social, cultural and youth events.

The website can be browsed via the following link:

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