4,000 Patients Availed Services of Sultan Qaboos Cancer Care, Research Centre
4,000 Patients Availed Services of Sultan Qaboos Cancer Care, Research Centre

Four Thousand Patients Availed Services of Sultan Qaboos Cancer Care Centre

Muscat, 19 Jul (ONA) --- The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre received and treated as many as 4,000 patients during the first year since its inception.

The centre attended to 23,956 total visits to outpatient clinics and offered integrated medical consultancy to the patients in its outpatient clinics at the hands of nationals who master international expertise in treating cancer tumours.

Since its opening in July 2021 to June 2022, the centre provided 3,619 radiotherapy sessions, provided 4,757 chemotherapy doses and conducted 262 surgical operations.

The units of the centres were operated in a gradual manner to ensure the safety of patients, harmonize the medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and radiological electronic systems and synchronize them with the central scheme of services.

Since the start of operations at the centre till the end of June 2022, the visits to centre’s departments were as follows: 37.8% visits to the breast cancer programme, 26% gastrointestinal cancer programme, 16% to the head, neck and chest programme, 7% to urogenital cancer programme, 6.8% as rare tumour cases, 3.7% as gynaecological tumour cases and 37 as instances of services at palliative care programme.

On the preventive side, the centre’s genome section offered genetic counselling services to 468 patients (September 2021- June 2022). The Counsellor briefs the patients about the results of diagnosis, which is conducted through the use of modern devices that register genome count and nuclear serialization to determine hereditary modifications that cause cancer.

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