Oman Scores Advance Ranks in Global Innovation Index 2022
Oman Scores Advance Ranks in Global Innovation Index 2022

Oman Scores Advance Ranks in Global Innovation Index 2022

New York, 28 Sep (ONA) --- Oman bagged advance ranks in the Global Innovation Index 2022, which is issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization. It occupied first place in the world in the number of science and engineering graduates, compared to the overall number of graduates.

Oman also ranks third in the Government Spending Index per student.

The Global Innovation Index 2022 affirms that Oman moved up 5 steps in the Innovation Input Sub-Index, in addition to 3 steps in the Innovation Output Sub-Index. Oman ranked 79thin the global group of 132 countries.

The Sultanate of Oman's highest performance in the report was in the human capital and research pillar, while the lowest was in the business environment.

Oman ranked 29th globally in the education expenditure indicator.

On the technical side, the Sultanate of Oman ranked 15th globally in the information technology availability indicator, 16th globally in the digital applications indicator, and 24th globally in the government e-services indicator.

The Sultanate of Oman also achieved advanced ranks globally in several business environment indicators, ranking 19th in the business policies establishment indicator and 19th globally in the foreign capital flow indicator. The research and development expenditure indicator rose 19 positions, making the Sultanate of Oman 71st globally in this indicator for this year, compared to being ranked the 90th in 2021.

The report also revealed missing data in 9 of the sub-indicators, such as information about the indicators of the revenue percentage and intellectual property fee receipts, creative and cultural services output percentage, and the national feature films production percentage.

The report also showed that there are 21 indicators whose data has not been updated, such as the research competencies in private companies indicator, the percentage of industries in the field of publishing and printing indicator, and the percentage of technology exports out of total exports indicator.

It is worth noting that the Global Innovation Index consists of 81 sub-indicators. This is the 15th report issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization since 2007 to help policymakers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their national innovation systems and identify informed policy approaches.

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