ONA Chairs 22nd Meeting of GCC News Agencies' Officials
ONA Chairs 22nd Meeting of GCC News Agencies' Officials

ONA Chairs 22nd Meeting of GCC News Agencies' Officials

Muscat, 16 Aug (ONA) --- The Ministry of Information, represented by Oman News Agency (ONA), chaired the 22nd GCC news agencies' meeting held today via video conferencing.

Ibrahim Saif Al Azri, Director-General and Editor-in-Chief of Oman News Agency (ONA), head of the current session, said, “Today’s meeting seeks to raise the level of media content provided by GCC news agencies, notably amid the rapid development of news broadcasting technologies.”

Al Azri pointed out that artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, is expected to generate more advanced shifts forward in news broadcasting.

In his speech during the opening of the meeting, Al Azri laid emphasis on the speedy accomplishment of projects of significance to the goals set out by GCC news agencies.

Al Azri stressed the GCC news agencies’ realizing the mission entrusted to them in conveying accurate information and consolidating credibility among the recipients of news.

Al Azri stressed the need to develop GCC news agencies’ content, improve performance and devise new methods to make this content accessible to GCC, Arab and international audiences in full ease.

He also underscored GCC news agencies’ ability to garner influence via interactive platforms that attract various segments of public audience eager to keep pace with news and information on global developments.

The meeting touched on a number of topics, including Oman’s proposal to establish a uniform GCC news agencies database and activate a unified account on “X” platform.

It also looked into scopes for developing a schedule to exchange joint news bulletins and launch a joint electronic application, an envisaged GCC News Agencies’ Project and unified procurement mechanisms.