Information Ministry Organizes Workshop on Roles, Sustainability of Omani journalism
Information Ministry Organizes Workshop on Roles, Sustainability of Omani journalism

Information Ministry Organizes Workshop on Roles, Sustainability of Omani journalism

Muscat, 6 Dec (ONA) --- The Ministry of Information today organized a workshop titled “Omani journalism: The reality and opportunities of sustainability”.

The workshop discussed options for the development of Omani press establishments and ensure their sustainability through an innovation programme espoused by the Ministry of Information.

The programme is envisaged to pursue a specific timeframe of follow-up and assessment procedures.

The workshop was held in the presence of Mohammed Said Al Balushi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, editors-in-chief, managers and editors in local press establishments, international experts, academics, university students specialized in journalism, representatives of Oman Press Association and representatives of advertising agencies.

The workshop discussed the outcome of the UNESCO-affiliated “International Programme for Development Communication (IPDC)”, with the prime aim of seeking the IPDC’s support in upgrading the Omani media and journalism sector and ensuring its sustainability at a global level.

The workshop also discussed the challenges facing press establishments in the Sultanate of Oman. Five sessions were held as part of the workshop.

The first session of the workshop was entitled “An overview of the challenges facing journalism globally”. The session touched on the findings of a UNESCO research on the challenges posed to media institutions around the world. It looked into the IPDC’s recommendations to orient the media sector towards independence and sustainability.

The 2nd session was titled “Diagnosing reality and challenges facing private press establishments in the Sultanate of Oman”. It reviewed examples of programme pursued by private media establishments in Oman.

The 3rd session focused on the role of the government in supporting the sustainability of private press establishments. It discussed the proposed roles of government establishments and studied international experiences in organizing the sector of journalism.

The 4th session was titled “The Role of Journalism Institutions in Developing More Sustainable Business Models”. It reviewed realistic experiences in journalist organization’s re-incarnating global models in their drive to achieve transformation and confront change.

The 5th session explored prospects of technical development and the extent to which journalism establishments are capable of adapting to change and espousing future trends, notably in the backdrop of evolving technical applications of artificial intelligence.

Al Balushi said in a statement that this workshop was held to upgrade the status of local journalism to help it address emerging domestic and global challenges.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Information conferred with a group of Arab and international researchers, as well as specialists and academics in Oman to help shape a vision that serves journalism practice and elevate its standards.