Third Forum on School Administration Begins
Third Forum on School Administration Begins

Third Forum on School Administration Begins

Muscat, 19 May (ONA) --- The Third Forum on School Administration under the slogan “Leadership and Sustainable Educational Visions” began today.

The starting ceremony was held under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Saidi, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs.

Organized by the Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Educational Supervision, the forum targets more than (1,800) school principals from various public and private schools in the Sultanate of Oman, senior supervisors, directors of educational supervision departments, department heads and school administration supervisors in educational directorates in the governorates.

The event included the presentation of (10) local and international experiences and models in the fields of educational technology and supervisory administration.

Moreover, the opening programme included a speech of the Ministry of Education delivered by Dr. Sulaiman Abdullah Al Jamoudi, Chairman of the Forum’s Main Committee, in which he said: “Positive and successful school administration is an essential and vital factor in ensuring the efficiency of the educational process and achieving sustainability in the school environment. School administration also works to strengthen the material, human and technical elements and activate them to achieve educational goals. The relationship between these elements lies in the fact that school administration is the main driver for implementing educational projects within and outside the school walls and ensuring the achievement of its goals in partnership with members of the educational staff.”

Al Jamoudi emphasized by saying: “School principals and their assistants have played a major role in continuing to provide educational services to our students during the various periods of study suspension due to multiple climate conditions, by devising educational strategies and alternatives. They also work to employ the gains of e-learning, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and creating pathways for distance learning with the aim of establishing the concept of continuity of educational service provision.”

After that, a visual presentation entitled: “An Entrepreneur towards Digital Transformation” and a film entitled: “The Imprint of a School Principal” were played. The opening of the event concluded with the launch of the logo of the School Administration Forum in its third edition.

On its first day, the School Administration Forum program included a first dialogue session that included two papers. The first paper is entitled “Future Skills and Promoting a Culture of Innovation among School Leaders,”, while the second paper highlighted the topic of “Strengthening the culture of governance in school administrations, and its role in the governance of school performance.”

The second session discussed school-based development ‘the TAMAM Project as a model’ and a future vision for developing the performance of school administration in light of global development projects.

The third session included three papers, the first paper is titled “Employing Artificial Intelligence Applications in Improving the Educational Process,” while the second was titled “Enhancing the culture of school leadership with society during crises.” The third and final paper of the first day was on the roles of school leadership in managing emergency situations with climatic events as a model.

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