Finance Ministry Fixes Date of Inspection Visits, Assessment of Government Properties Rent

Muscat, 18 Jan (ONA)—The Ministry of Finance today issued Circular No. 1/2022 setting out a schedule for field visits to government properties and assessment of their rent. Members of the Properties Inspection Committee and Properties Rent Assessment Committee will study the basic value of properties floated for sale in the governorates of Sultanate of Oman in 2022.

The circular points out that the programme of field visits to government properties will begin this month.

The Ministry calls upon all ministries and government units to provide the Coordinator of the two committees with a list of topics due to be submitted to the committees during the proposed visits. This, the Ministry said, will streamline procedures and facilitate the assessment of annual rent of government properties. The procedure will also ensure proper management of government assets in line with existing norms.


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