Chinese Lenovo Announces Rise in Q4 Profit
Chinese Lenovo Announces Rise in Q4 Profit

Quarray Bay, Hong King, 26 May (ONA) —— Lenovo Group Ltd, a leading Chinese manufacturer of personal and mobile computers, has announced a significant rise in quarterly profit.

Lenovo reported today that its fourth-quarter net income attributable to equity holders climbed 58% to $412 million from last year's $260 million.

Basic earnings per share were 3.52 cents, up from 2.19 cents last year.

Group revenue grew 7% to $16.69 billion from $15.63 billion in the prior year.

Further, Lenovo said its board of directors declared a final dividend of 3.8 cents, or 30.0 Hong Kong cents, per share for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022.

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