Curtains Drawn on COMEX 2023
Curtains Drawn on COMEX 2023

Curtains Drawn on COMEX 2023

Muscat, 25 May (ONA) --- Oman's technology, communications, innovation and digital transformation exhibition, COMEX 2023, concluded today.

The event was organized at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC) by Oman Group for International Exhibitions and Trade in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

Omani government and private establishments participated in the exposition, where they marketed their services and technical products and outlined their efforts towards digital transition. The exhibition also attracted parties from abroad that were looking out for investment opportunities in the Omani market.

The event included a forum on digital transformation in the government sector.

On the sidelines of COMEX 2023, a function was held to announce the top three places in the Cybersecurity Hackathon, which brought about 160 contestants from 35 educational institutions.

The exhibition dedicated a special corner to Omani digital media establishments and it was an opportunity to organize specialized workshops on information and communications technology.