"Partnership, Integration" Program Reviews Competitiveness in Private Sector, Improving Business Milieu

"Partnership, Integration" Program Reviews Competitiveness in Private Sector, Improving Business Milieu

Muscat, 20 Feb (ONA) --- Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, today organized the “Partnership and Integration” programme.

The programme aims to find solutions to the challenges facing the progress of the Omani private sector, upgrade the level of performance, and keep pace with aspirations in light of the objectives of the Oman Vision 2040 towards an effective and proactive private sector.

Qais Mohammed Al Yousef, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, explained that the proposed solutions that were formulated and discussed during the programme will enhance the competitiveness of the private sector. These solutions were specific, clear, and tailored to address the real challenges of the sector, he added.

The minister stressed that the existing efforts made by private sector establishments are designed to develop the national economy through the continuous endeavor to find strategic partnerships that contribute to advancing economic development.

Al Yousef added that these meetings with the private sector represent the necessity of strategic partnership through the proposals and initiatives presented by the private sector through OCCI.

The minister stated that the programme aims to empower the private sector, create new business opportunities and projects, attract quality investments, enhance exports, and develop a competitive business milieu. He noted that the ministry is moving forward to streamline procedures, improve services, protect competition and prevent monopoly.

For his part, Dr. Said Mohammed Al Saqri, Minister of Economy said that the national goals sought from these and similar programmes aims to further achieve integration, enhance the capabilities of the national economy and raise the ceiling of ambition for a more competitive performance through which the Sultanate of Oman rises to advanced levels in easing the business environment. The move contributes positively on global competitiveness indicators and expanding production structures with highly efficient national cadres, he added.

Dr. Mahad Said Ba’owain, Minister of Labour said that integration between the public and private sectors aims to achieve a stimulating business environment that ensures sustainability and growth for the private sector so that this sector can contribute to supporting the national economy in general and enhance its role as a major employer of labour.

Faisal Abdullah Al Rowas, OCCI Chairman presented a visual presentation in which he explained the participatory paths with the government’s legislative and executive departments. The step aims to create a favorable climate for the consensus of ideas and visions to achieve integration and adopt sustainable solutions that enhance the performance indicators of the private sector and its contributions to the national economic system. He also highlighted the OCCI strategic approach to improve the business environment in the private sector.

HH Dr. Adham Turki Al Said, Head of the OCCI Economic Committee explained that the “Partnership and Integration” programme provided valuable insights that lead the private sector towards sustainability in achieving strong growth based on the opportunities outlined by Oman Vision 2040 in various sectors. The programme requires doubling efforts, accelerating achievement, and creating a flexible legislative and procedural environment that supports improving the business environment and contributes to creating a qualitative shift in the business community, he added.

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