Media Meeting Unveils Programs Focused on Customer Satisfaction in Electricity Sector
Media Meeting Unveils Programs Focused on Customer Satisfaction in Electricity Sector

Media Meeting Unveils Programs Focused on Customer Satisfaction in Electricity Sector

Muscat, 14 May (ONA) --- Nama Supply Company, in partnership with Nama Distribution Company and Nama Dhofar Services Company, today organized a media conference to unveil their programs focused on enhancing customer satisfaction.

The conference covered various initiatives aimed at raising awareness regarding electricity consumption and efficiency, as well as field campaigns to strengthen the partnership between service providers and the community.

The meeting aimed to educate the customers about their rights to basic account tariff and how it positively impacts electricity bills.

During the media conference, the companies’ representatives provided detailed information about the eligibility for the National Electricity Subsidy (additional subsidy) emphasizing the reliability of the electricity network and its readiness to address any emergency outages, particularly during the summer season. Salim Said Al Kemyani, CEO of Nama Supply, reiterated the Company's commitment to delivering the highest level of service quality and continuous development.

He highlighted the Nama Supply program to forge partnerships with various segments of the community and institutions through field visits and meetings with public organizations and local community institutions.

He stressed that the company strives to provide appropriate solutions that contribute to service improvement and enhance customer satisfaction”. “The company had previously launched a smartphone application called "Nama Services." The application offers several features, including the monthly electricity bill, consumption comparison with previous periods, installments payment details, and bill payments. Additionally, the company introduced “Thabit” service, designed to help customers avoid financial difficulties arising from high electricity bills during the summer. This service allows customers to make fixed monthly payments throughout the year,” Al Kemyani pointed out. On other side, Eng. Alaa Hassan Al Lawati, CEO of Nama Electricity Distribution Company, emphasized the company's focus on ensuring the reliability of the electricity network. The recent efforts involved implementing and enhancing various stations and electricity lines. Moreover, comprehensive contingency plans have been developed, equipping technical teams to effectively handle any emergency interruptions that may arise during the summer period.

He affirmed that the company remains committed to adhering to the established procedures and standards related to the health and safety of the electricity network. Nama Distribution is also actively exploring the utilization of modern technology in monitoring and managing electricity networks. Notably, the company has embarked on a significant deployment of smart meters, which offer substantial advantages for both customers and society as a whole. The Company is currently evaluating a range of smart grid projects. Eng. Ali Essa Shammas, CEO of Nama Dhofar Services, highlighted the company's intensified efforts in preparation for the upcoming Dhofar Khareef season. Nama Dhofar Services is fully prepared to meet the rising demand for electricity in the Governorate of Dhofar, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply, he added. Furthermore, the Nama Group companies provided an update on the progress of the smart meters project. The completion rate has surpassed 45%, and work is ongoing to extend coverage to all electricity accounts. This comprehensive deployment aims to maximize the benefits and leverage the project potential to the fullest extent possible.

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