Swiss President Commends Role of Omani-Swiss Relations in Promoting World Peace
Swiss President Commends Role of Omani-Swiss Relations in Promoting World Peace

Swiss President Commends Role of Omani-Swiss Relations in Promoting World Peace

Muscat, 30 Nov (ONA) --- Dr. Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Confederation, hailed the positive role of Omani-Swiss relations in promoting international peace and stability.

The President commended the two countries’ commitment to neutrality in regional and international issues, noting that Oman and Switzerland share common grounds that contribute to the consolidation of bilateral cooperation.

The President made the statement during an event at the Diplomatic Club marking the conclusion of the Oman-Switzerland Mediation Week, which was organized by the Foreign Ministry in cooperation with its Swiss counterpart. The event coincided with the President’s official visit to the Sultanate of Oman.

Dr. Alain Berset expressed his satisfaction over the level of bilateral relations and endeavours to develop them. He stressed that the two sides share a desire to expand areas of cooperation to cover climate change, artificial intelligence and other spheres.

The President valued Omani-Swiss efforts to promote universal health coverage and transform it into “a bridge leading to global peace”, notably through a joint Omani-Swiss initiative titled “Global Health for Peace Initiative”, which underscores the importance of implementing health policies.

“This gathering constitutes an opportunity to discuss the Omani-Swiss Initiative and highlight the common link between health and peace, whose accomplishment will not be possible without effective partnership among all countries of the world,” said the President.

Dr. Alain Berset stressed that the initiative focuses on the vital role of the World Health Organization (WHO) during emergencies and crises. The initiative lays emphasis on protecting health missions and delegations at a time the world is witnessing different incidents. It envisages that health issues top the hierarchy of government priorities (everywhere in the world) and that neutrality remains a permanent humanitarian principle for providing comprehensive healthcare during crises.

The Omani-Switzerland Mediation Week was aimed at establishing a new network of relations with the Swiss government and international organizations.

The gathering was attended by Dr. Hilal Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health (Head of the Mission of Honour), Mahmoud Hamad Al Hassani, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Swiss Confederation, Dr. Thomas Oertel, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to the Sultanate of Oman, and officials from both sides.