Oman’s Statement Before UN General Assembly Supports Palestine’s Call for Full UN membership
Oman’s Statement Before UN General Assembly Supports Palestine’s Call for Full UN membership

Oman’s Statement Before UN General Assembly Supports Palestine’s Call for Full UN membership

New York, 2 May (ONA) --- Dr. Mohammed Awadh Al Hassan, Permanent Representative of the Sultanate of Oman to the United Nations in New York, affirmed that Oman’s delegation joined a statement about “Item 63 of the UN agenda on the use of the Veto” that was delivered on behalf of the Arab Group by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s Permanent Representative.

In the statement, Al Hassan expressed Oman’s deep regret and disillusionment over the United States of America’s use of the veto against the State of Palestine’s legitimate request to obtain full UN membership.

Al Hassan said that Oman is an advocate of peace in action and in speech and that it considers peace a fundamental pillar of the system of international relations. He added that Oman believes that ending the Middle East region’s conflict can only be achieved by establishing the Palestinian State and granting it full and unlimited membership in the United Nations. This overdue action has become a strategic necessity in the next stage, said Al Hassan, noting that Palestine’s request has become a global demand supported by the international community.

Al Hassan added that “One country’s blocking this legitimate demand, sheerly out of political stance, does not serve security or peace in the Middle East region or the world. Indeed such obstruction of this legitimate request negatively affects the credibility of the Security Council, due to the application of double standards in the case of the Palestinian cause—the cause of a free people who reject occupation”. He reminded all that the rejection of colonialism and the right to self-determination constitute two basic pillars of the United Nations.

In Oman’s statement, Al Hassan noted the following:

More than 70 years have elapsed since the start of the illegal and illegitimate Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. The Palestinian people are still resisting the occupation, despite its cruelty and despite the occupying state’s repeated and systematic violations of international law, international humanitarian law and international legitimacy resolutions. No doubt, the crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip constitute clear evidence of the failure of the UN Security Council. Because of the unjust positions of some countries, the Security Council failed to maintain international peace and security. At least, it failed to make peace a tangible reality in this vital region of the world.

Al Hassan pointed out that Palestine is an existing reality recognized by a wide segment of world countries. “It is only a matter of time before Palestine obtains full membership in the United Nations. No single country should impede the will of the whole international community.”

During his speech, Al Hassan called on partners of the Sultanate of Oman to reconsider their decisions/positions and to support a just and comprehensive peace for all the peoples of the Middle East region. He urged all to help achieve peace in a manner that ends the cycle of violence and counter-violence. He urged all to work for peace that ends the occupation, restores security and stability to this vital region of the world and protects its cultural status and terminates decades of killing, destruction and unjust siege.

Al Hassan also reiterated the Sultanate of Oman’s steadfast position in support for the Two-State Solution and safe coexistence. He underlined the fact that Oman categorically rejects all schemes that do not lead to a just or comprehensive peace or secure a permanent solution to the Palestinian issue. He added that the Sultanate of Oman will continue to back the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people and their right to obtain full membership in the United Nations.

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