Washington Announces New Sanctions Against Russia
Washington Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

Washington Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

Washington, 13 Jun (ONA) —- The United States has announced a new package of sanctions aimed at restricting Russia's war efforts in Ukraine, amid growing concerns about Moscow's ability to acquire advanced equipment.

The sanctions target more than 300 individuals and entities, including companies in China, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, accused of supplying Russia with semiconductors, optical equipment, software and other products used to manufacture advanced weapons systems.

US officials have expressed concern about Russia's ability to continue buying advanced equipment despite previous sanctions.

"Today's actions strike at their remaining avenues for international materials and equipment, including their reliance on critical supplies from third countries," US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

"We are increasing the risk for financial institutions dealing with Russia's war economy," she added.

The announcement comes just before the G7 summit in Italy, where leaders will discuss further action against Russia.

Yellen emphasized efforts to diminish Russia's ability to benefit from access to foreign technology, equipment, software, and IT services.

The new sanctions are aimed at boosting pressure on Moscow, preventing its access to vital resources, with the Treasury warning banks in China and other countries to engage with Russian entities, as this could cut off access to the US dollar.

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