Beijing Reopens Restaurants as New COVID-19 Cases Drop
Beijing Reopens Restaurants as New COVID-19 Cases Drop

Beijing, 6 Jun (ONA) --- Diners today returned to restaurants in most of Beijing for the first time in more than a month as local authorities further eased pandemic-related restrictions after largely eradicating a small COVID-19 outbreak in the capital under China’s strict “zero-COVID” approach.

Museums, cinemas and gyms were allowed to operate at up to 75% of capacity and delivery drivers could once again bring packages to a customer’s door, rather than leave them to be picked up at the entrances to apartment compounds.

The return to near-normal applied everywhere in Beijing except for one district and part of another, where the outbreak lingered. Schools, which partially reopened earlier, will fully do so on 13 June 2022, followed by kindergartens on 20 June 2022.

Authorities conducted multiple rounds of mass testing and locked down buildings and complexes when infections were discovered to stamp out an outbreak that infected about 1,800 people over six weeks in a city of 22 million.

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