Study Reveals 18% of Teens Drink Caffeine to Stay Awake
Study Reveals 18% of Teens Drink Caffeine to Stay Awake

Study Reveals 18% of Teens Drink Caffeine to Stay Awake

Washington, 20 May (ONA) --- New research data released today, indicated that 18 per cent of parents who said their kid drinks caffeine most or all of the week do so to "stay awake".

According to a survey conducted by the University of Michigan in the United States, one-quarter (25 per cent) of parents claim that their teen takes caffeine on a regular or nearly daily basis.

New research from the University of Michigan reveals that 18% of parents report their teen consumes caffeine most or all of the week to stay awake.

The survey, involving 1,095 parents, found that a quarter of parents acknowledge their teen's regular or nearly daily caffeine intake.

Dr. Susan Woolford, co-director of the poll and Mott pediatrician, emphasized the need for parents to better understand caffeine limits for teens.

The study, reported by IANS, highlights soda (73%) as the primary caffeine source for teens, followed by tea (32%), coffee (31%), energy drinks (22%), and dining out (43%).

Teens primarily consume caffeine at home (81%), while dining out (43%), with friends (3%), and at school (25%).

Woolford warned of the health risks associated with excessive caffeine, stressing that caffeine stimulates the brain and nervous system.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against caffeine consumption for children and adolescents, recommending a daily limit of 100 milligrams for teens.

Despite 60% of parents being aware of the dangers of high caffeine consumption, about half do not consider caffeine levels when purchasing beverages.

Woolford suggested that parents discuss caffeine's negative effects with their teens and explore non-caffeinated alternatives together.

She also recommended involving healthcare providers to help reduce caffeine intake.